To The Young Pastor (Tabletalk)

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In the May 2008 edition of Tabletalk magazine from Ligonier Ministries, Ron Gleason (senior minister of Grace Presbyterian Church in Yorba Linda, CA, and founder of Renewed Life Ministries) contributes an excellent article aptly titled, “To the Young Pastor.” He gives five pieces of advice that are just spot on.

  1. Preach expository sermons from both the Old and New Testaments. An excerpt: “The pastor is primarily called to proclaim the riches of Christ through the preaching of the Word and the clear exposition of Scripture. In this manner, he both equips the saints and prepares them to present the true, pure Gospel to the lost.”
  2. A faithful pastor takes worship seriously. “To worship God rightly means to worship Him scripturally. The pastor and his congregation must pay careful attention to what God requires in His Word.”
  3. Manage your time to the glory of God. “Far too many pastors waste precious time performing ever-nebulous “networking.” Time, once spent, cannot be regained.”
  4. Maintain office hours and be approachable. “Make good use of your study and be available by phone, for personal visits, or a spontaneous ‘hello.’ My study door is almost always open and I enjoy people sticking their head in and saying hello.
  5. Visit the flock. “It is a time of personal accountability, equipping, and teaching that is so often missing in today’s churches.”

One thought on “To The Young Pastor (Tabletalk)

    The Seeking Disciple said:
    May 30, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    I would have added that a passionate preacher should spend much time in prayer. I well remember that in Bible college few of my professors nor the students had strong prayer lives. The sad shape of the Western Church is seen most in the sad conditions of our prayer lives. How few actually seek God.

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