Pastors, Take Care of Your Temple

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This past issue of the Western Recorder has an article on how pastors are running and working to get in shape (“Run, Pastor, Run”).  I appreciate this article for a number of reasons.

As some of you know, I have lost around 45 pounds since this time last year.  By cutting out most fast foods, starch, and most (not all) sweets, plus taking time to exercise four times a week, I began to lose weight.  Why did I feel the need to do this?

  1. Too many Southern Baptist pastors get-togethers.  I would go to many Southern Baptist conferences and see pastors 10-20 years older than me struggling greatly with being overweight—and I was on my way to joining them.  I began to realize that I could not preach on self-control, then not demonstrate it with my eating habits.  Gluttony is a sin against God like all other sins.
  2. Healthy for my wife and church.  When my wife was diagnosed with lupus back in May 2009, I knew that I needed to get in shape for her as well as myself.  Plus, the duties of a smaller church pastor makes it necessary for me to be in shape for the preaching, training, visitation, and other duties that come with being a husband, father, pastor, and friend.
  3. History of heart problems in my family.  Being so close to 40 (I’ll turn 40 next year), I knew that many in my family had heart issues.
  4. Pictures.  Photographs do not lie.  We can look in the mirror and fool ourselves, but photos make a big difference.  Take a look:


matt at destin

Bro Matt 42510

Not sure if these pictures can tell a difference.  The first is from 2006 for a directory at 206 pounds. The second is from Destin Florida, March 2010 at 168 pounds.  The picture to the right is me preaching on Sunday, April 25th at 161 pounds. 

  I will be running my first 5K this year—definitely at the Raptor Run 2010 at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY.  This is a big deal for me, since I’m not crazy about running but still want to see if I can actually do it.  There’s another race here in Lexington (the Midsummer Night’s Run) on Saturday, August 14 that a bunch of us from our church at Boone’s Creek Baptist Church will be running. 

I urge you to take care of your ‘temple’ (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)—it’s the only one God provides you.  Take care of your temple for your sake, the sake of your calling as a minister of the gospel, for your family, for your church, for the glory of God! 

What think ye?


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